A fireflies night!

Sitting on the rooftop of the boat heading to the north of Kampot river. I love feeling the fresh air and the beauty of Kampot river. I have loved it there. I fall in love each time I come here. I love the way it is, of the mountain and the rivers and nature. The sun has gone, and the darkness of the night has arrived, it makes more clear to see the fireflies. I was sitting and looking for the fire flies.

About 5 km toward north of Kampot Town, I finally could see the home of fireflies. It was very beautiful, and peaceful. The boat driver has stopped and let me watch the fireflies. I can’t remember how many of them. It was so happy like the disco light. It was also almost full moon. It was just a great time to be there. A moment of silent and focus of watching fireflies was wonderful. I lay and watch them. I feel the fresh air touched my skin. It was a moment of peace surrounded by the nature. I wish the world keeps it this way. The nature is just so beautiful the way it is. I don’t wish to change it.

I lay on the floor of the rooftop and watch the moon and stars. The fresh wind touched my skin and it almost make me fall asleep along the river. I think, that was one of my favorite night after all. When I write this, I have missed my I-team and my students. I hope life treat them well.


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