A letter to my students!

The first letter sending to my Dragons family after spending time with them for the last 10 days before my first day off.

Dear Dragons family!

"It has been great to spending time with you all for the last 10 days. I am so thankful I have a good team (I love you all). And finally I get my first day off. know that for the last week, the schedule has been so packed. And I am personally very proud of you all. You have been doing very wonderfully so far. One thing, I want to remind you is that, try your best, learn, ask more questions, make new friends, enjoy and have fun. Remember that, you might never come back to this land again or you might, we never know! while you are here and we have about 17 days left together. I know that, it is not easy for all of you to sweat, bear with the heat, eat the foods that you are not familiar with. You have to face many challenges on this course. You know that “ What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.”  However, I hope you will take the most of it. It was a chance that we met, but it is a choice that we become a good friends and connected. I used to live in a foreign country. Experience new different culture than my own. Be in the temperature that was way so different than where I was born. (From 35C to -20C), but those thing did not stop me from having fun with it. I managed to play with the snow, canoe, bike and tried ice skating ( my first time, when I was 22 years old, and my knees were all blue from falling). Being in a foreign culture made me become stronger and challenge myself. Until the last month of my stay in the Czech, I started to counting down the day to come home. I missed fruits, foods, weather, people, and everything about home. Now, I have left Czech, and how I wish I still could play with snow, got for a cheap ice skating. I hope you make the most of your time that remain. You know you are very lucky. Your 1 month program in Cambodia is worth as paying 12 university students for 1 years. Every Time you feel down, just be mindful of your parents  that they work so hard to pay you to this one month learning trip. I am sure, all they want is to see you learn and grow. Home is always home for you. What you can’t buy is your experiences, and the way you learn. Learn how to walk well in the world. Be the one that the world needs, and make the world Smile more.  We got only less than 20 days together. Make it best, challenge, learn and grow."

I think, I have talk too much. I am off for my day off now. This is a letter for a day that I am a way from all of you.

Enjoy your last day in Siem Reap.

See you all soon.



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