A long bus ride to Krabi [Part II]

Bangkok has remain one of their favorite place not because of the place itself, but the warm welcoming of people there. Three days of celebrating the new year with the local people gave them an unforgettable experience.

Their next destination is Krabi,

Located in the southern Thailand’s west coast. There are many sheer limestone cliffs, beautiful green water with more than a hundred offshore islands. For those who love sea and swimming, Krabi will make you falling in love with it.

Their bus journey took about 12 hours from Bangkok. It was a long bus ride until they get to Krabi. They have found some cheap place to stay by just spending $3 each for the accommodation. Because this is a low budget trip, so their favorite food mainly “Street food” which cost between 30 to 35 bath (about $1) each meal.

Krabi is more like their relaxing enjoying time for them. Sela said it is quite similar to Sihanoukville of Cambodia, but going to the island is more expensive like Phi Phi island etc.

Traveling is not only make one stronger but the bounding into each other, knowing each other better, because you share most of the moment together, you solve any issues together, and of course you share room, food together.

As you have seen that, eating cost just about $1 each meal, accommodation cost just $3 per night and transport is 10 to $15, why can’t we travel? Sometimes, it is even cheaper than spending a daily in Phnom Penh.

The most important is a safe place to sleep in, and we are going to travel not to spend 24/7 sleeping, so what matter is get some sleep and spend more time interact with locals, exploring, try new thing, food, and have fun, pack as much as memories experience back home once we return.

What happen when they cross the border?


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