A pair of shoes

I have not been to Europe for 6 years, and this is the first time, I will be hiking up to one of the highest mountain in the region. I only have my sneaker shoes which is not good for such hike.

I have to find a cheaper hiking shoes at the shop. I try not to falling into the consumerism world but in some situation, I must.

Though,when I was young, we only wore flipflop to find fire wood in the forest.

So,there were no cheap hiking shoes. I found one which was 100 euros and it was 50% discount which still remain 50 euros. I had no choice but buying it. This is the most expensive shoes I ever bought for myself in life.

I went on the hike, and I enjoyed it very much. It was very comfortable. I could hike up to see the view of this beautiful nature. Until one moment I felt the small stone went into my shoes,so I stopped and take it off. I saw the label that said “Made in Cambodia”.

I started to feel bad over my most expensive shoes I ever bought for myself. Because I knew how much these women made for making this brand brand shoes. I know, probably, their monthly salary is less than 2 pairs of shoes's price, but they may have to produce more than10 pairs of shoes per day to exchange of their labor's fee.

I also aware that it is not so difference if this shoes were made in Bangladesh or Laos.

Well, in the end, I hiked up to 1900m, I could touched the snow after 6 years, and the view was amazing. It's the price I paid for it. 


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