Adventure to Northern Vietnam

Vietnam is located just next door to my own country. I always thought that I know so much about Vietnam already and that includes many negative thoughts about this country until my second trip to north Vietnam for the first time (my first trip was to Ho Chi Minh city). When I took this adventure trip to northern Vietnam, it has changed my perspective about Vietnam. I flight with VietJet airline to Hanoi city. The flight took 1 hour and 30 minutes. I like the friendly helpful staffs on VietJet. What makes me even happier when I see my friend Hattha could make her dream come true. She dreamed of taking an airplane and travel abroad. This trip made her dream came true and she has encountered many amazing experiences.

I used to think that Vietnam is very messy, very loud, and very strict rules to the people. What my thoughts were just wrong. When I once landed, the temperature was just lovely, it was 23C, and along the roads were just full of trees, big highway and what I noticed was that there were no billboards of beer or cigarette advertisement along the road. There was no trash flying all over.

People know their identity, they know their soul. they are very nationalist. I could just know immediately when I just see the way they dress and lifestyle.

In their city, there are full of trees everywhere. There are big parks in the middle of the city for their people to do jogging, exercise, and spending time after work with family.

I spent few days exploring Hanoi and observing the lifestyle of the people, the way of people moving around. Sometimes, I just wish where I live, there would be public spaces, trees, and park for me to just spending time after work to just chill in the nature. Maybe hopefully one day.

My experience night train to Sapa was amazing. the train moves forward in the reasonable speed. I felt the vibrate but I felt comfortable and safe. The train cost $23.5 one way to Lao Cai. In my cabin, there were 4 bunks. I slept on the second floor bunk. the train took about 8 hours until it arrived Lao Cai. Then I took another shared bus to Sapa, it was about 1 hour drive up mountain. The view was magically beautiful. I named it “the city above the cloud”. Between the valleys, there were rice terraces which covers up by cloud flying all over. The weather was just perfect of 19 C (This is colder than my winter in Phnom Penh).

As soon as I arrived Sapa, I fall in love with it right away. I could finally feel like I experienced winter once more. There was full of foggy and cold. The view of the mountains valleys and small villages down the foot of the mountains were just amazing to just sit and watch with just a cup of Vietnamese coffee at the Fansipan terrace café.

I explored Sapa by walking for the first 2 days,  I just couldn't get enough of the amazing views and its charming little town.I looked around at most of the houses, there were no AC and what silly I am to think of this question? when this town has the average temperature of 22-23C.

I trekked down to Cat Cat village, I thought it was just a kilometre from town, but it fact it was a lot longer than expected. I did have fun and witnessed the view and the lifestyle of ethnicity Hmong village.