Am I pretty or Ugly?

I wonder how many percent of girls who wake up in the morning, and look themselves into the mirror and say no complain about their body and how they look? Or say”I look just pretty in my own way!”

But unfortunately, so many women are not happy about how they look or their body. I noticed, so many young women have a lot of negative self-image on themselves. 

Like this article say a lot about Most women ‘unhappy with their bodies’, only 3% of women are totally happy with their body. There is something wrong with the world today. I mean the world is not wrong, but people interpret the wrong information. 

Also so many young girls post on youtube”Am I pretty or Ugly?” What is it for? They are all very pretty. But they can’t see that they are. Influence from media, bullying, and society. It is sad that a lot of young girls start already dislike the way they look at a very young age. It could lead them to depression, losing confident, and many more.

I feel like media has been a big impact on them. Advertisement of the make up products or cloth that women should  wear according to the fashion.

It does not matter if you are ugly or pretty, at the end of the day you are still you. If you don’t give value to yourself who would? If you don’t control your mind, and let it control yourself, it can be very dangerous.


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