A Proper Woman

Published: 2018-10-04 06:02

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This is my new book that will release in November. 
Book summary: 

This is about the journey of a young Cambodian girl, like so many young girls in Cambodia, born and raised in the countryside. She always had dreams of a different life, and those dreams inspired her to push beyond any difficulties in her life.

She did not have a warm and happy family. She faced discrimination, criticism, domestic violence, depression, and a broken heart from her first love. Such challenges lead to ask herself the question, "What did I do to deserve all this, just being born as a girl?"

The book seeks to show how the experiences in life, both good and bad, shape who we become as people. It is how we react to these challenges that determines who we become. The dark sky will soon return to the blue sky, the big storm soon to be over, but in the end you are still the captain of your own life.