Dear Generation!

Dear Generation!

I ask myself, is development really make people have a better life and happier than the way it used to be? When I imagine about my childhood, it was a very happy one. Though, I did not know what Smartphone or phone mean to me!After school, I mostly spent a lot of time playing outside with my friends. When it was raining, we were playing and chasing under the rain fall. We claimed the tree to get some fruits, we went to the river or lake to get some snail or fish (I was not good at catching fish), We had a radio, it was a way how we access to the information. People in the community always interacted to each other face to face, or came to gather after meal. My own family always had dinner together, my dad would sit in the hammock and we sit on the ground floor and listen to his tale. I still remember some of his fairy tales. 

Everything has developed over time. Each year, the society has changed. I get my first phone when I was in the first year of the university( I save up to buy one, so I can call my family), It was a type of phone you can call, receive, and text message. Not a  Smartphone like most young people have today. I bet, even in the secondary school now, kids have their smartphone and registered facebook and other communication apps. Even though, it is changing, but I feel like we are running behind the western world like 50 years. A lot of people have enough to eat, they live in a better condition. However, it always stressed me out every time, I see how new technology and smartphone trend in to this society. Now I realized, people are talking to people crossing the continent or mostly interact with their online friends. I admired that Internet and technology help people in many good ways. I am thankful that I still be able to keep in touch to my friends around the world, and know how they are doing.

I am worry, how the young generation missed interpret of what internet and technology really mean and work for them in many good ways. Life is not just about online all the time, and not about posting your selfie and get more likes as much as you can. It is also bother me to see more and more young girls start to wear sexy and try to post by showing part of their boobs….. to draw more attention and getting more likes. Can you eat these likes? People likes your sexy picture not because of you, but your boobs, and other reveal parts of your body. They will make joke and saying a lot of dirty about you even though they like your sexy pictures. 

It’s frustrate me when I see, sitting in the dining table or go out with friends, but things are not the same anymore. Instead of interacting each other, they mostly are holding phone and texting or scrolling news feed of facebook…. I mean Internet and technology are not just about having viber, line, and facebook… Couple go on a romantic dinner, why do you still have to be online and talking or scrolling your phone when you have your time together? So, why bother to come on to a nice environment and spending more money on dinner date, why instead stay home and use your phone?

How will it be my next generation? Will people still talking to each other face to face?

I hope, time moves on, and things change. I hope you will think wisely and use it in many more smart way. It is a powerful tool, it is even your online school. Everything is there, you just know a better way to get it. 


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