Dependent or Independent Person? You decide!

Sometimes I keep questioning when seeing girls demanding boys to pay their bills when they eat out, go shopping, go on a trip, and more. Many girls are demanding for boys to pay for their leisure and fun time.  It has become the norms that boys should pay when they go out with girl.

Why girls have to let other please us, and wait to be served? I think that, if we are an individual, should be responsible for ourselves. Why do we have to divide this sort of thing regarding of gender? I am not speaking to be biased at boy’s side, but it is the fact.

I think, if we eat, we should pay. We should responsible for ourselves, because we are the one who eat the food, wear the cloth, or have fun…! Are we afraid that it won’t look cool, because we are as a girl paying the bill of our food when we eat with boys?

I think, it is total fine, and great if once in awhile people treat us like inviting to dinner or ice cream, but I don’t think, it should be all the time. How can we as women grow to be very demanding for others to cover and responsible for us?

Maybe I am different! In term of spending, I like to earn my own money, and spending on the thing I do. I like to save up my money to go for travelling, I like to spend my money on the trip, get lost in the strange place, eat different food, meet strangers.

I like to invest in myself by spending money on buying books (I like reading original books even it is second hand) I don’t like spending my money on buying new cloth, make up stuffs or any kind of fashion. Don’t get me wrong that I am out of fashion. I do have dress to go on the party or any official occasion, but I just don’t like the idea of consumerism.

I like to be independent, I like to have the control of my own life, able to make any decisions I want to make. I like to be responsible on my own live. This way, I feel totally very free because I own my own freedom. I enjoy my journey calls “Life” because I am the captain and I can give the meaning to my own life.


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