Dear girls!

You may think that who do you think you are to dare to say such things like this. You may think, that I am strange, or the other word “different”. Along the way call life, I have reflected a lot over my own life. I think that “Life is a choice”, we always have a choice to make. I know myself for what I really want in life. I love being free and independent.

Many people have lose the concept of “Equality”, they go too far beyond the “Equality” really means. Some women are too feminist and too strong. They think that in order to reach gender equality, women must be strong, meaning if men can do it, women can too. Yes, I would agree but it is not only just this that compare of men and women.

To me, equality is very simple. If women want to reach the level of equality, then first thing they should do is “to be independent” Here is an example fact:

1/ when a girl wants to eat out, she can’t go by herself, unless someone accompany her. To me, if I really want to eat something, it does not matter when, or where or no one is interested in joining me. I would just take my bike and go to eat. I know how to enjoy myself, I know how to make myself happy.

2/ Fighting for an equality? but when she eats out with her boyfriend, then she demands for her boyfriend to pay. So where is the “Equality”? I always feel it is not fair. Why can’t be just as a woman be responsible for ourselves?

3/ What you wear is not for yourself. I see a lot of women and girls, when they go out, they are not wearing for what comfort them, but to please other people’s eyes. In the end of the way, what do you get? A good feeling of yourself that how people look at you, and fall into the illusion of “They think I am beautiful!”? I think, as long as you are happy with yourself, your own self, then the outside affection can’t influence you.

4/ Being a drama queen, whatever happen, she is always a queen, and always wants attention, always want other to please her. I wonder, what happen when there are not those people around to please her and will she survive? I wonder if she is being left out a lone on the far island. Would she knows even how to take care of herself? Because generally, she is too demanding of others.

So, I think equality is simple. Just be you, and be independent for your own life or what you do. I think, equality starts with every single person. You can’t educated girls alone without encouraging boys to understand and learn how to respect girls better.

I hope you are not fall into the illusions that make you forget what your real value is.


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