Fear is your enemy, not your friend!

After I have been experienced those horrible situations, I was in fear, and scared! I saw the world in a darker place than I used to see! I lost trust from my society and people. I wanted to just stay in my room. I felt it was safe to just stay there. I did not want to go out. The fear led me to see the same horrible moment again and again. It did not make me sleep well, I did not enjoy being myself and the fear. I have found what is fear really is after spending time with him for the last 4 days. 

'Fear is a small guy, but powerful. He likes to wear black and stay in the dark place. Fear does not like colorful flower, or sun shine. Fear tells you to not talking to your friends. Fear is happy when you talk to him. Fear likes to tell you horror story, he likes to scare you behind the door. Fear makes you feel that the world outside is so dangerous, fear make you feel small and no power. Fear likes to sleep beside you and whisper into your ear that you are his best friend. When he becomes your best friend, he has the insecure key to unlock into your heart and influence you to not leave him. He likes to travel from your heart to your mind and compose a horror, and sad song, so that you remember him……. ' 

So, it is up to you if you want to be with him or leave?

I won’t let it knock me down any more. I have to be strong and move on. I still see the world is beautiful for me. Many people still care of me from around the world. They send me love and care, even from a thousand miles away. I am still a lucky one and I am grateful for being loved. I am still being who I am and do what I do.

Thank everyone for the positive energy you have sent to me.


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