From the kid that grew up during the 1990's

The kids who grew up during the 90s will understand. I was one of them. The memories are so special and clear. even though, that was a social unstable, less foods…

My role was studying in the morning and cook the rice after I came back from school. I had plenty of time playing outside with my friends. I only needed to do homework in the afternoon then I could play again.

sometimes, I helped my brother cut the grass for the cows or washed the cows at the river(I remember, I was stepped by my favorite cow on my head while I was washing him. I was crying and worried I will not be smart anymore.)

My family always had lunch and dinner together. Even though, my parents were busy at the farm but my mother always cooked warm foods for us. My dad would tell us this fairy tales. I still remember his tales. we did not have TV so we had a lot of time together. The problem of people nowadays is they don’t have time for even themselves. They are distracted by many social media, texting, commenting. Do you think so that “no matter how many friends they have on their social media but the truth is they still feel alone.”

My family would hang out or take a nap together or making dessert after lunch. we always had something together, I never knew what was ipad, computer game or chatting. I am grateful that I was the kid who grew up during the 90s and was in the rural village, because it gives me better understanding of what life really means to me?

when it is raining, we didn’t post status like” raining again, so boring!” or “Damn it is raining again, hate you”,” Stuck at home, nothing to do”, but we would play under the rain fall very happily. I would go to search for ripe mango that fall. Sliding on the mud, or catch the frog for fry ginger.

See how life treat us differently? why? Because we have time for ourselves and people around us. When we have time for ourselves,  we can understand better what we really want and what happiness really is? but sometimes I feel worry of of the world’s today. people prefer to text than talk.

From the kids during the 1990's


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