Homestay on the island of my hometown

I am very fortunate that I could somehow able to go back to my village and make some small benefit to community. Before I even left to the university in 2007, there were always people told my mum not to let me continued my study, because I won’t go anywhere far beside maybe become someone’s wife and taking care of children. But somehow, I didn’t fall into their prediction, instead I told myself, I will prove them that I am able to make a difference not just for myself but to others as well. After almost 10 years of fighting through to get my degree, and able to do things I love and be more independent, and I finally could go back to my village and prove those who did not trust that “If you give a chance to women to seek for education, eventually they could be one of those who make a different.”

I am running the Educational Travel business with my brother, one of the activities we do is the homestay at my village. We are working with 16 host families. My dream is to create more jobs for people, or somehow others people could benefit through business or thing I do. I know, I can’t provide people thousand of dollars every time we do homestay but at least something and more important than that is the networking and sharing culture that both hosts and students exchange to each other.

Thankful to Where there be dragons that is partnering with us and did the homestay at our village. For the past 10 days on the island of my hometown. It allows the students who come from a very different culture to be able to learn the real life of the Cambodian rural people, what life struggle they are facing, what most fun activities most children do, where and how do they make a living. On the other hand, the host also could be able to learn from the foreign culture that they have never experience before, build new connection with different nation.