How to make ID card in Cambodia-Painful

I got a call from my family to make my new Cambodian ID card at my village. So, I left to my village on 26th of Aug. My parents took me to the pagoda where they made the ID. After lunch, we went there. I knew, it would painful to just get my ID as the recognize of a Cambodian citizen. When I got to the place, there were hundreds of people were waiting. There were so many steps

  1. Register
  2. Thumb print
  3. Write the form (0.5$)
  4. Signature from the police
  5. All 10 fingers print by the black ink
  6. Measure the high
  7. Re-check all the information
  8. Pay the fee ( 2.5$)
  9. Take picture

While I was waiting for the register, I manage to finish one of my book’s 1 chapter.

And while I was waiting for measure the high I managed to finish another 2 chapters.

Each step required to wait, I feel like such a waste of time. If they make the proper system, this thing would take just about 20 to 30 minutes each person to get it done.

It took us from 1PM to 4PM to go all the process until step number 8.  The last step of taking picture, I have to wait for another day. Some people take from 2 to 3 days. Some of them, need to travel far to get here and make this ID, some people take days leave to come. But I hate to say the way they work just make people wait and wait and for those who do not like waiting they would pay the bribe. My family refused to do it, so we were waiting until our turn. I hate of waiting with so many people without knowing if my name is in there or not.

After waiting 2h and 40 minutes with the crowd of people circle around the 3 camera men, Finally it was our turn.  The system just make it hard for its people. Getting a Cambodian ID is really suffering. Is this really precious  as a Cambodian?

I really hope, time pass by, and the system and the way of working would improve and makes it easier for its people. It takes me totally of 2 days of my time, to get my very specious Cambodian ID. I am personally not proud of it at all.


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