How to travel with low budget! [Part I]

When you plan your own trip, do you usually wait until you have enough money to go on a trip? Do you usually go with the group of people or solo?

I think, traveling has many forms. You don’t need to wait until you become rich to travel. You don’t have to wait until you get retired to travel. And you don’t have to wait until you have enough money to go explore the world.

Here is the story of 3 young Cambodians people who travel on a very low budget to 2 different countries. They dream of having an independent life and able to explore the world.

They have decided to travel to Thailand and Malaysia for 13 days of their backpacking journey.

Sela, a 22 years old who have been traveled to few countries in the region has planned that he would reserved $600 for this trip, but due to his lack of financial for his trip, so he cut down a lot and learned how to survive during the journey. He wants to knows how it feels like to get stamp from one country to another by land. He has asked two of his other friends, Panha Sok, and Souheang Ly to traveled with.