I could not choose where I was born

I could not choose where I was born, I made no mistakes by just born in a place where you called a “Developing country” or “Third World Country” or whatever names you call it.

I did not choose to be born after the war, and being live in a place that still recovering. The horrible nightmare still haunt to present. I just hope that some days we will experience the real freedom, dignity, and beautiful green place. All of these I did not choose myself. It is the fact that I am a citizen of this third world country.

Global north have more than they need. They have more than enough to eat, a powerful passport when they travel without fences when entering to other countries, they could access to better education, health care and so much more that we can call “Good standard of living!”

What I noticed is that even people who live in so called developed world or global north is still complaining about their living situations this or that.

People have their own issues to deal with in their daily life, but why complain too much when you can focus more on doing things that could change an environment around you, and stay positive? “Once you choose to be positive in your life, it's like lighting a brilliant candle which will shine throughout your house.”

I can’t change the fact about where I am from, but I what I can choose who I want to be and what I want to contribute to this world.


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