I worked while others are on holidays!

I have been committed to work on the Khmer edition of A Proper Woman. I worked with Mei at night before I go to sleep. Sometimes, we work until midnight. Sometimes, when I wake up before breakfast, I started to work a bit. It is not easy to do the same book all over again, but I still do.

I know that nothing gets done without commitment. I have the working ethic from my family. Without hard work, pay off with a big reward. I feel, I have a full responsibility to make this book into Khmer edition. Sometimes, I feel very heavy on my shoulders, and could not sleep well when I think about how many more of young Cambodian girls like I was 10 years ago did not read this book yet.

[Image with my cat when I was working, this image is represent of my working time at home]

After 4 months of releasing the English edition, I have received many comment and emails not only from women but men too. As the result, it is not only inspired women but men too. We can’t seek for equality without educated men to respect women better and make them realise that without women involved in the societies in general, our country won’t be developed. Young girls deserved to get education like boys can. We all have the ability to do so, once we are given a chance.

To me success is not about how much money I earn, or how big the house I will have, but seeing this thing, how from my contribution could somehow change someone’s life, or inspired them to do better in their own lives, I count it as my success.