Inspire The Next Generation

On 7th of December, my business partner and I were given a speech at Khmer talk Kampong Cham. Khmer talks is similar like Tedtalks that invite other inspirational speakers to come and share about their success stories, their challenges, and their journey. I have shared my journey of life and how I was overcome the challenges and stand where I am today?

My life as girl was simple, I only knew I got dreams. And I knew I would work hard to reach my goal. I have shared about my top 3 dreams when I was young- A dream of being an artist, a dream of being an author and I dream of travelling around the world. I started to dream when I was about 9 to 10 years old. Most people would think, it would be impossible for just a little girl that was born and raising up in a small isolated island with no running water and electricity. It is just a poor community. How could she be able to do all of these things? It is impossible.

I was not let my fate to lead my life. So, I did all the things I could to get to what I want. Lot of them think that many students graduated, but they could not find a job, in Cambodia is one of the lowest wage country. How could a girl like me save enough and travel around the world? No way! But to me, I was not looking for a job, but I was looking for an opportunity to create jobs.

Truly, all these dreams came true when I turned to 19 years old. Any success takes time and effort. People said I am lucky, but luck alone can’t do anything. To me luck come from hard work and commitment, without these 2 luck might be hard to find.

My very first book published in 2010, the book was for grade 1 students. I was always dream about helping to improve education system in Cambodia, and doing this I feel proud because it is one way I could be apart of change. And the following second book in 2011 and the third book in 2014. I am proud enough to reach to where I am today, but I am excited to do more!

I never been to attended any full time art school, all I did was study abit from Czech art school which was almost useless as I could not understand any Czech much, and the teacher did not speak English either. So I decided to learn by myself. I try to draw more, try with the color, play around with it, and I knew whenever I be with art, painting I feel so nice and peaceful.

My very first flight to Europe after I got a full scholarship to study in the Czech republic, and that was the time where I could make my dream come true. A dream of travelling. Being 3 years in Czech republic allowed me to explore more of the western culture, tradition and their own countries.  I love travelling, because it is the way I could learn very much from myself, things surrounding, and other cultures.

My conclusion about my journey is that, no matter who you are, if you got dreams, hold on to it, be patient, work hard on it and you got to believe that you can do it. I got so many more dreams, and I need to make them come true some day, and I believe I will. The outcome from sharing has touched my heart. I was impressed how those young students pay attention on what I talk. After the talk, they came to me and wanted to take picture with me, asked for signature, I felt so proud of myself that I did not give up on my dreams! I knew that at least I could inspired some of them to hold on to their dreams!


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