Live simple, and laugh as hard as you could

Traveling is the best way to explore the world that is different than our own. And that is very true. I have enjoyed every single time of my travel even though, I had always carry my lower back pain. I never let it destroy the joy and experiences I am going to earn. One other thing I do enjoy is coming home in my village.

Coming back home to do the homestay with 10 – 12 students and by staying with the local people, the people I know ever since I was born. It has given me very privilege to come back and work with them. I have always enjoy being home.

You would not imagine that from this poor community on the remote island has so much joy and laughter. They are just very simple people live day to day fill with simple food on the table, earn some money to support life and so much laugh out together. I would say, we are happy people. Even we don’t own like one million dollar house, or paying ten thousand dollars holiday, but one thing we own is happiness, freedom and laughter.

I love the island life. The carefree life style, the place I feel safe, and love. The home made food, the fresh fruits from the tree, the many cups of coffee and tea made in my own kitchen. I just can’t find any other place like this.

I love whenever we finish the dinner, the villagers came to hangout, sit around our dinner table, and laugh from every little thing we talk about. We laugh so hard so much all the time. We flash at each other’s smile. We have so much fun being together. We laugh hours after hours from every crazy funny jokes. I just love the island life.

What does it take to make the life full of laughter and joy with carefree lifestyle? I just love every minutes of my life. The very happy and freedom life. The sense of community, sharing, love, laughter, and that what makes my returning home with so much fun and enjoyable.

I never feel like working, I never stress out myself to looking forward to holidays. I don’t need to wait to the end of the year to get 3 to 4 weeks holidays break. When everyday I live my life the way I want it to be, and I have everyday is a holiday.


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