Offering Ceremony

28th August 2015, Today is the Offering Ceremony or Thankful to water ceremony. I am not sure how it is translated for the Cambodian, I just want to share how my family did for this offering ceremony. As I am born into the Cambodian-Vietnamese-Chinese family. I mostly get experienced with these 3 cultures.

Since I was younger, my mother always did all kind of ceremonies both Cambodian and Chinese-Vietnamese one. So, I and my 2 brothers get to get a lot of foods during the ceremony. For this offering ceremony, my mum always bought a lot fruits and make foods, and dedicated  to our ancestors who passed away many years ago. We believe by doing so to our ancestors, they will bless us back with luck, happiness, and money.  We were poor back then, so we did as our money allow, but my mother never skip once, more or less she always did.

From their hardship of farming for many years, they are now able to live better, and have more than enough to eat. They are happy the way they are and they like to share. My mother makes friends all around her village and the same with my dad. My mother always have some kids around her and they would help her doing some little cleaning or buying some stuff for her and she would offer them foods, fruits or some money.

For this offering ceremony this time, my uncle and mum did invited 5 older people in the village to come and eat at our house, with little money and some soft drink. My mother said, offering to those who have less than us, they would be much happier and appreciated the things we offer them. Even though, we could offer only 5 people, but at least we do from our pure heart, and it makes us happy to see a big smile on their face. All my mum wish to her ancestors and from offering to 5 old people was to be healthy, happy, and safe, plus the 3 of us ( me, and my 2 brothers). I know, she always keep us 3 in her prayer.  I like the way they share, and it always make me feel happy when I share with other people.


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