Overnight Boat trip on the Mekong River

Rushing in the morning with the busy traffic, and in the sky, there were the eclipse sun. Some people were stopping by and take photo. I looked at it while I was taking the motor taxi to the port.

I have not told any of the students that I will join one extra day with them on a boat. Once I met everyone, and the boat were leaving. They keep asking me “Are you coming with us? Are you serious? I said “Yeah, I will join one more day, and then take a bus back from Kampong Cham.” They were every happy.

I sat on the rooftop of the boat, looking at the river, it was my first time to be on such a long boat trip on the Mekong river. The Mekong river’s water looks so green. Being on a boat, gives me lot of time to read. I wanted to finish “I am Malala” before I returned back to Phnom Penh.

The students made lunch, it was noodle soup, and some fruits. I was always hungry, they made fun of me for entire trip that I got somebody inside me, that is why I always feel hungry, and always eat lot, though, I don’t really gain much weight. In the afternoon, it was very hot. So, we stopped the boat and swam. It was so much fun, I decided to jump from the rooftop. It was a little scared but I did it.

Almost everyone came down to be under the shadow. I asked Ellen, if I could use her hammock. She said yes, so I was there to read, it was only for a while, I fall asleep with the sounds of the calm wave and machine. I felt kind of tired, so I took a short nap.

Reading “I am Malala” made me realized that even though, I raised under the norms, but still I could go to school, and no army would try to stop me from being to school. She is really a brave young lady who fight for girl’s education.

The night came, the weather has gone colder, and we have arrived Kampong Cham at about 7PM. The other group of the students made dinner. They made grill fish and fry vegetable. I felt sad to leave them in the next morning, I really want to be with them. I had so much fun in every single day. I did not feel I was working. I love all the discussions and learning.

I slept in an open sky on the rooftop, I could see the stars, it was beautiful, while everyone else slept in the hammock. It was a little cold, I only had my scarf and sarong to covered myself. Though, I knew it was one of my extra new experience. The experience that money could never be bought.


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