Plastic Bags

Let me tell you a story when I go to shopping at the local market. I have been living in this neighborhood for almost 4 years, and I simply knowing many people, and including the vegetable and fruit vendors.

Almost every time, I go shopping, I bring my own backpack, and another recycle bag. Every time, they always put almost every item into a single plastic bag. I told them, I don’t want plastic bags, they kept asking me “why?” for maybe 1-2 years. I kept telling that “I don’t want it, because it is not good for an environment.” I told them over and over again until when they saw my face going shopping at the stores, they asked me “Do you want the plastic bag or not?”

I try to reduce getting more plastic bags from my shopping, but when I have some plastic bags, I save them, after 1-2 months, I bring back to the vendor and exchange with vegetables. Every time I go shopping by using my backpack, and recycle bag, I reduce 4-6 plastic bags not to go waste to my trash bin.

When I go to buy breakfast, I try to bring my own recycle ice cream box instead of accepting the plastic box. Now the restaurant starts to accept the fact about me as well.

Sometimes, I feel bad when I get plastic bags when I buy something. The earth does not deserve eating so many millions of tone of this unhealthy thing. I am just a guest in this planet after all.


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