Review Experiences of Spoong Venture

I have been involved in Smallworld Cambodia since 2012. Smallworld has many interesting program which support young startups and those who wish to work on their dream. One of Smallworld’s program called “Spoong Venture Program” which supported by US state department and Idp. I am one of the Spoong Venture organizer. Even though, sometimes, I feel tired and there are always a lot of work on planting meeting, and during the program for 10 days, there are a lot of work on logistics and sometimes, I help the participants with mentoring and advising them.

Spoong Venture Program is 10 days intensive program. In that, we have bootcamp to Kampot province in the purpose of allowing them to work closer together, to open up, and better team work. I feel happy to see them grow during these 10 days program. They learned not only how to create the business, but how to care about the environment, better leader, work together, and more…

Spoong Venture Program offer 4 times per years. So far, we have done already 2 cycles. In the coming March 19 to 29th, there will be the Spoong Venture Program cycle III

You can check more information about the program here: Apply for Spoong Venture Cycle III

You can check the activities of Spoong Venture Cycle II

I hope, it is useful information for you to know!

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