Slovenia/ A night bus

My journey to Slovenia began from Prague, Czech Republic. I spent 3 nights with my Czech mum after I left Czech Republic 6 years ago. It was a wonderful reunion. Prague has been wonderful as always. I always searching for new destination to go to. My next destination was Slovenia, it became my number 18th countries I have traveled to. Sometimes, when I looked into my diary, and seeing so many new experiences filled up pages, it keeps inspiring me to continue my dream of travel around the world.

I took a night bus from Prague to Ljubljana at 8PM and arrived to Ceske Budejesice, Czech Republic at 10PM, then I had to wait for 2 hours transferring to Slovenia. It costed me 34 Euro using Flixbus service. The bus ran cross Czech Republic--Austria--Slovenia. I was waiting inside the building until 11PM, then they closed the building and the security came to tell me that “Please go waiting outside, we need to close.” Almost midnight, outside was getting colder, it was 6C, I still did not get used to with the cold. I kept looking at the platform bus schedule and looking for the bus to arrive, but so far, there were not.

The bus supposed to arrived at 12:10AM, but it got delayed until 1:20AM, and I was freezing outside waiting. I met one American girl who did her exchange study in Prague was always waiting for the same bus, but she just wore short jeans and a T-shirt at 6C. I was like “This is crazy!”, I was wearing 3 layers plus my jacket and I still was freezing. I kept walking to stay warm while waiting for the bus.  I could not wait for the bus to arrive, so I could get warmer. At that moment, I felt like I was in my freezer at home, in Cambodia.

I got a seat next to the Czech girl, it was not very comfortable to sleep on the bus, but travel through the night save me sometimes and a night’s spending at the guesthouse. Well, in life, we need to sacrifice something to get something. I woke up many times while people were moving, the bus was stopping few times through the journey.

When I woke up next, in early morning, I looked outside the window, I saw the cloud came so close to the mountain along the road, I got the feeling that Slovenia must be close. I ate some sweet to gain some energy. Another first experience with night bus in Europe. What I found funny was that the bathroom on the bus was too fancy that I spent almost 5 minutes finding the flushing.


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