The result of the exam does not define your future

When I was having my final state exam in high school in 2007, there were 11 subjects including English. I have studied so hard with couple of my friends. Before the exam just few months, I became very sick. I was very worried that I could not get the result as I expected. I have tried my best, but the result disappointed me. I cried from the result. I did not fail, but I got “E”,

I blamed myself because of my sickness, made me become weak, I blame myself that I could not apply for the scholarship for the university. Ever since, my parents has to pay my tuition fees.

I never attended an expensive school. I studied an English class at the one local school that I could afford to pay $5/month. I was very happy to learn. I tried my best to learn the second language. I knew, it would be the bridge for me to reach a better future.

No one would ever believed that a student who received “E” result could be able to get a full scholarship to study in Europe. After years, I have realized that the result of my exam did not define my future. I think the same with many students who think wrong about themselves. Those students could potentially be a composer, scientist, writer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, traveler, educator, and that does not define by the result of A, B, C, D, E, F

I was an E type student in high school, but when I was studying the University in Europe, I was mostly gets A’s and B’s, and I was rarely get C. Oh well! Just some! I realized that all the students are smart and able to get to the top if they wanted to, and it is partly from the system and the situation of where they are learning.

Still those A’s and B’s result does not define “Me”, I love education and I know it is important, but the education form is not only just sit in the classroom and sometimes you even fall asleep during the class. I love experiential learning, expand my comfort zone, try something new, and just go with the flow of life.

After all what things that define me? 

To me, to follow my heart, to do things that make me happy and hopefully having some sort of benefit for others. I love traveling, writing, and panting. And none of those I have learned from school, none of those gave me grade “A” or “E” but it gave me a perspective of life and make my life as fresh as I want it to be.


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