Travel and Material World

Inthis world, there are many beautiful places to see and explore. Ialways invest a lot in my travel. Coming from a farming family, I gotto be careful with spending the money I earn very hard.
I have nointerest into materialism world. I have no desire to change my haircolor, nail polishing, brand brand products. Instead, all I couldthink of is -- “Which country will I go next? How much money shouldI save to get there?”

Ifeel that by not attaching to the material world, I feel a lothappier. I don't have to be not happy wearing my second cloth orshowing to anyone what's new stuffs I've just got.

MyTips from not falling into this material world:

  • I don't screen or follow the fashion commercial advertisement. (in fact my home don't even have a TV.)

  • I invest in buying book instead of make up. (I buy lips stick or lotion once in like in 6 months to 1 year which cost me maybe like 5 to $10.)

  • I don't have supper stars as my role model. I don't like they try to be skinny or putting so much make up.)

  • I like going shopping for food, not for cloth or Phone shop.

  • I like to hang out with friends who inspire and empower me.

  • I like to save up for my travel adventure not on expensive cloth or shoes. 


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Travel and Material World

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