we don’t have to harm other in order to be great

Sometimes, people forget how great their capacity or how much they can achieve in life, but instead they make themselves to feel small and that could not do anything big or exciting. I think, it happen to a lot of people. This happen when they start to compare themselves with others, and so they never feel good enough or amazing enough about themselves.

I don’t think by making yourself great and achieve amazing thing, you don’t have to destroy or harm others. Instead, focus on what thing you can control and work hard on what you love. The fulfill joyment will come to you without having the negative thought of harming other in order you become great. I don’t think the world deserve this type of human behavior.

I noticed that, by doing or behaving positive, even we face struggling in doing it, there are always a way and many people who are willing to help will try to help us. On the other word, when you want something strong enough, the universe will show us the way to reach the our goal.