Why world needs to have border when love doesn’t !

Human were born in this world in different race, religion, color, tradition. Yet, we are the same. We speak the universal language called “Love”. However, even though we speak the universal language, we still need to have border between one nation to another. Why world can’t just be free like the way it should be? Human come as guests here. But people start to make their own territory for their nation and religion, and class. The world is not free anymore. Most of all, I think, it is more about money and power. People should be able to travel freely, to go anywhere they want to, but in fact, it is not like that. For those who were born in a developing country. 

They have more chance to travel and see more of the world. But for those who were born in developing countries are more likely restricted, and even if they want to travel like them, still require so many paper works, and always make sure, they have some certain amount of money in their account. I know, they are doing so by just prevent for those who travel to their country and would want to stay and never come back. 

I sometimes, just wish that I would just off on the road and cross the borders freely. But it does not happen that way. Why?- because I am from a poor country, and I am in some sort of list that I might be end up in the country and never come back to my own. I don’t dare to do so, all I want is go to see new world, learn of from my journey and move on. I do not want to be stuck in those countries. When it comes to visa, and paper works by just going in to the developed country 1 to 3 weeks, I need to pre-arrange few moths ahead. And I need to do so much of the works to make sure I get the visa, so that I will enter to the country legally. 

Anyways, I have to accept the fact that I am from a poor country, and it is normal that they see us as where we are from, not who we are! It is different from love. Love can travel freely, love can connect to people crossing the world without visa. “Love is Love” Sometimes, I feel it is so powerful, when I am here on the other side of the world, but I could make friends crossing the world. Learn from them, and be their good friends. I am so grateful for that. Love has no border! I just wish the world would have no border like “LOVE” 


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